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Effectively Eliminate Debt and Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Receive valuable advice on legal matters and savvy investment opportunities. New Debt Elimination also hosts an informative talk radio show on BlogTalkRadioSM Moorish Talk Live 100.

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Make the most of your land. Our community-based urban survival and organic gardening tips are used with great success. Build your garden and lead your own team!

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Who We Are

New Debt Elimination, based in Jacksonville, Florida, teaches people how to eliminate debt and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. We have more than 30 years of experience teaching communities successful methods of self-sustainability and sensible exercise. Along with growing food, we also help people learn about law, culture, finance, and personal health. We love to teach, train in the gym, and practice organic gardening. Leading a healthy lifestyle is what we want for ourselves and for you. Newebtelimination.com


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